Bulldogs News · Camden Football Wins Midlands FCA 7on7 Tournament

The Bulldogs football team won first place on Wednesday at the Midlands FCA 7on7 Tournament at Westwood HS.  On their way to the championship the Bulldogs knocked off teams that included: Darlington, AC Flora, Lugoff-Elgin, Hammond, White Knoll, and Lexington.

Offensive contributors were:

QBs- Jaffari Pearson, Jackson Lollis

WRs- Landon Goodwin, Davea Cauthen, Mikah Davis, Anthony Lyles, Jeremy Cotton, John Copley

RB- Willis Lane

Defensive contributors were:

LBs- Darius Peebles, Silias Coleman, Marcellus Juggins, Trynlon Gregory, Jaxon Hembree

DBs- Joseph Byrnes, James Crim, Shelah Lee, Zyreek Fowler, Jaden Lee