Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Volleyball appreciates the support from school and community

Photograph compliments of Johnny Deal, Bowtie Photography

Coach Paige Wilson and the Camden Volleyball team thanks our school and community for the tremendous support throughout  the season and playoff run.  There was strong support of  DIG PINK during the month of October that enabled the teams to raise thousands of dollars.  Members of our community will benefit from the various fundraisers.

A special note of gratitude to the local businesses that donated items for the silent auction;  to our families and friends who participated in  “Flock A Yard”; and to Johnny Deal and Jack Crayne for capturing the moments with their photography expertise.

At the state championship our students, staff, parents and friends packed the gymnasium at Dutch Fork High School.  The Lady VolleyDogs will never forget entering the gym to such a large and loud crowd.  Once again we were One Team, One Town, One Goal.

Thank you Camden High students and staff and the community of Camden for all you have done to support us in our academic and athletic endeavors.