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Bulldogs News · Cheerleaders are important ingredient in school success

Photo courtesy of Jack Crayne

Front Row Left to Right: Shaylah Hollingsworth, Tyrese Tucker, Zy’Aja Cook, Veareeaunna Harris

Middle Row Left to Right: Mya Izzard, Taylor Howle, LaVonda Briggs, Tylin Graham, Katelyn Stevens, Makaila Bracey, Sophie Hill

Back Row Left to Right: Keiasha Rose, Kristen Randolph, Khadija Murphy, Emily Kendall

Not pictured: Angel Cooke

We are very appreciative of the dedication of our varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders toward promoting school spirit.  The squads work year-round to perfect their chants, cheers, and dances.  Great job Bulldog Cheer Team!